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Vanishing Acts: The Crucial Lessons Kids Need on Follow- Through

In our roles as adults, whether we're parents, educators, mentors, or simply members of society, we often find ourselves dealing with leading younger generations through honoring their commitments. Teaching the younger generation the importance of follow through, grit, perseverance has been a topic on my mind lately!  

Now, before I dive in, I want you to know that I get it. Parenting and educating is a non-stop rollercoaster of responsibilities, and sometimes it feels like we're just barely keeping our heads above water. So, the last thing we want to do is add another item to our never-ending to-do list. But hear me out, because teaching our kids the importance of follow-through is a game-changer.

Let's start with the basics. What exactly is follow-through? Well, it's pretty simple. It's about sticking to your commitments, whether it's finishing a project, completing a chore, or attending an activity you signed up for. In other words, it's about doing what you say you're going to do.

So, why is this so important? Well, for starters, it teaches our kids responsibility. When they commit to something, whether it's joining a sports team or signing up for a class, they're making a promise to themselves and others. By following through on that commitment, they learn the value of keeping their word and the impact it has on those around them.

But it goes beyond just being responsible. Follow-through also builds resilience. Think about it: life is full of ups and downs, and not everything is going to go according to plan. By teaching our kids to push through even when things get tough, we're equipping them with the skills they need to bounce back from setbacks and keep moving forward.

And let's not forget about the importance of respect. When our kids “ghost” on commitments, they're not just letting themselves down, they're letting down the people who were counting on them. Whether it's their teammates, their classmates, or their coaches, failing to follow through sends the message that their time and effort don't matter. And that's not a message any of us want to send.

So, how can we encourage follow-through in our kids? Well, it starts with setting clear expectations. Make sure they understand the importance of sticking to their commitments and the consequences of not doing so. And when they do follow through, be sure to praise their efforts and acknowledge their hard work.

But perhaps most importantly, lead by example. Showing our younger generations what it looks like to follow through on your own commitments, whether it's finishing that “Do It Yourself” project or sticking to your workout routine. After all, actions speak louder than words, and there's no better way to teach than by example.

So, adults out there that are leading the kids of the next generation, let's make a commitment of our own: let's teach our kids the value of follow-through and help them develop the resilience they need to tackle whatever life throws their way. It won't always be easy, but trust me, it'll be worth it in the long run. And who knows, maybe we'll even learn a thing or two about follow-through ourselves along the way.



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